Why do you need vehicle inspection? peace of mind!

The role and importance of carrying out vehicle inspection in the auto business.

Inspection of a Ford F-150 by a Jiffix Expert

Whether it’s before you make the decision to pay for a new car (preferable), after you've paid for it, or from time to time... vehicle inspection gives you peace of mind. It also helps you determine the following:

  1. The vehicles current condition
  2. what repairs are required
  3. the vehicles value (pre-purchase)
  4.  Prior repairs (pre-purchase)
  5. Malfunctions or alterations (often very costly to reverse. PS: never buy a vehicle with electrical/mechanical alterations)

The used car sale market is growing rather rapidly in Nigeria! So is our level of concealing information growing? A thorough pre-purchase inspection will save you a lot in future repairs, and give you confidence that you are making a good investment.

For your vehicle inspections, book one of our experts at www.jiffix.com.ng

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