Why check your dipstick?

The importance of regularly checking the motor oil on the engines dipstick.

Did you know that checking your dip-stick can tell you more than just the oil level in your engine?

Here are 3 things your dipstick can tell you:

  1. When you need an oil change: A black colored oil means that the engine oil is burnt and requires change.
  2. When your engine needs a longer warming/drive: Driving short trips regularly or rarely, can cause moisture to build up inside your engine. This result in a milky oil-water mixture, telling you that your engine needs a longer warm up or longer drive.
  3. when you have a damaged headgasket: Caused by overheating, water and coolant leaks into and mixes with engine oil. This is a serious problem and you can confirm for dryness in your radiator and/or expansion tank.

Do take a moment today to check your dipstick. You just might discover a problem before a major breakdown. For help with further diagnosis, book a jiffix expert today at www.jiffix.com.ng

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