TPMS & ESP/Traction control

TPMS & ESP are safety features that ensure vehicles gain traction to avoid skidding when driving.

"TPMS" means Tire Pressure Monitoring System. This amber warning light indicates that one or more of your tires are low on air pressure or there may be a sensor malfunction. Check and gauge your tire pressures, and reset the TPMS.

If the warning stays on, there may be a sensor (receiver/transmitter) fault. The sensor is located in the tire valves, and may be replaced.

"ESP" means "Electronic Stability Program". It's the same as VSC (Vehicle Stability Control), DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), or VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist). Don't be confused, they all mean the same thing and perform the same function: Ensure vehicles traction to prevent skidding.

If the ESP system suspects your tires may be slipping, the amber slip indicator flashes to indicate that Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and/or Traction Control (TRAC) are operating in order to regain traction. If the light stays on, it could indicate a malfunction in the VSC system.

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