Signs of failing/failed brake shoe

Brake shoes are responsible for holding the cars emergency parking brakes and its prone to rust or corrosion when it’s not replaced in a timely manner.

The rear brake lining assembly of a 2010 Lexus RX350

Brake shoe is one of the components of a drum braking system. Your parking brakes depend on it. Some vehicles also depend on it for regular braking. This drum braking unit has a shoe that squeezes against the drum which creates enough friction to halt your car.

When this unit begins to fail, you'll notice one or more of these symptoms:

  1. Squeaky and/or scraping noise when brake is applied and/or released
  2. Loose or dysfunctional parking brakes

Like brake pads do, brake shoes also wear with time. However, if your vehicle has been parked for a long time, was affected by flooding, then it could get rusty or corrosive. These could lead to the first symptom above. Springs failure could lead to second symptom as well.

If you notice any of these symptoms, get your brake system inspected immediately. You can schedule an inspection at

Suspecting any related issues?

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