How to know your car needs a wheel alignment?

Proper alignment is one of the required criteria for keeping your vehicle running safely and smoothly.

Wheel alignment being performed on a 2008 Lexus ES350

Typically, wheel alignment should be done every 2-3 years, when you have new tires installed, or when you have your tie-rods changed.

Otherwise, here are 4 signs your car wheels need alignment:

  1. Your steering wheel is off-center.
  2. When you are driving straight on a flat road, your steering doesn't sit straight and centered.
  3. Your vehicle pulls to one direction
  4. When driving straight on a flat road. You have to put much effort to keeping the car driving straight.
  5. Abnormal tire wear. This is when you notice more wear on the outside or inside of the tires.

If symptom #2 persists, or car quickly gets out of alignment, that’s indicative of a deeper issue to be examined. Get an expert to inspect your suspension members and steering rack. You can schedule an inspection today at

Suspecting any related issues?

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