Check engine & battery/charging light

These malfunction indicator lights indicate a problem in the engine and charging system of a car.

The amber colored Check Engine is the most common light illuminated on many dashboards. This light covers mainly 3 systems in your car:

  1. Engine - performance is not normal
  2. Exhaust - sensor fault, emission, or blockage.
  3. Fuel/Injection system - (gas cap included) has a problem

The bright red Battery light is straightforward. It's brightly illuminated when your battery voltage is below normal level, and is not charging (failing alternator). Check immediately so as to not be stranded on the road!

When dimly illuminated, it indicates a failed diode or voltage regulator (components in the alternator). These can be replaced without buying a new alternator. Unless you're working with an expert electrician, you may choose to replace your alternator.

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