8 Causes of overheating you can't miss

An overheating engine will give the driver some signs to alert him of a problem with the cooling system.

  1. Failing/failed cooling fan: Hence, the system does not provide sufficient cooling for the coolant circulating the engine.
  2. Bad/dysfunctional thermostat: prevents proper circulation of coolant.
  3. Leaking hose or radiator: causing coolant to leak out, and air bubbles to enter into the system further preventing circulation.
  4. Failing/failed water pump: leading to a blockage in the circulation/flow of coolant through the engine
  5. Low level of oil: engine oil removes 75% to 80% of unused heat in the engine as well as providing lubrication to engine parts, reducing friction and overheating.
  6. Failing/failed coolant temperature sensor: sending wrong signals to the cars brain/computer.
  7. Lack of water/coolant in cooling system
  8. Loose/Bad radiator cap: reducing pressure in the cooling system which leads to premature boiling off of the coolant.

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