6-Point Inspection Checklist

Routine scheduled maintenance prolongs the service life of car parts and fluids.

It's the last day of the month of September, why not make some time for a quick 6-Point Inspection today:

  1. Engine oil condition & level: Pull out your dip stick before you start your engine. Is your oil very dark and slimy, or is it under-gauged?
  2. Brake pads (fluid level): Remember how to check your brake pads wear from your brake fluid level? Is it close to the MIN mark?
  3. Coolant level: Do you have some coolant (green or red) in your coolant expansion tank? Is it just plain water, or is it empty?
  4. Front & Rear exterior lights: Are your headlights, fog lights, brake, reverse and turn signal lights all functional?
  5. Horn: Driving without a horn may reduce the noise pollution from excessive usage, but it’s unsafe. Are your horns working fine?
  6.  Tires: Are your tires worn, expired or having bubbles?

Notice any abnormalities? Take appropriate action immediately.

Remember: If you take care of your car, she will take care of you!

Suspecting any related issues?

Schedule an inspection or repair today

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