4 Things to consider before you buy a used car

Buying a new ride could be exciting, but that excitement could turn into regret if a wrong decision is made

Pre-purchase inspection by a Jiffix Expert

The adrenaline rush of owning a new ride could blind you from "seeing" the obvious; some vital facts that could put you in a tight fix later. Here are four things to consider before making that purchase, no matter how "clean" the car looks.

  1. Mileage. The older the car, the more frequent you are likely to make repairs. Maintenance cost is higher on higher mileage vehicles.
  2. Repair history. Asking the right questions is a sure way to get information on repair history, and put your decision in perspective.
  3. Current/prevailing issues. A current fault means one of two things, the repair cost is very high that the seller couldn't afford it, or its a difficult problem that is recurrent despite repair attempts. Find out, before buying a liability.
  4. Car make & year of manufacture. Certain vehicles manufactured at certain periods come with specific factory errors that may increase maintenance cost. Also, there are problems peculiar to a make or model which come up around certain mileage. Research the vehicle before making a decision.

Always ensure to have a pre-purchase inspection and a test-drive by an expert before buying. This could save you a lot of stress, anger, and money.

Today, vehicle reports are often given by the dealer. It is wise to get a expert advise on the report before deciding to pay and fix. Easily, you could spend 50% the cars value on repairs.

Jiffix experts ask the right questions, and give the best advice. You can schedule an expert today at www.jiffix.com.ng

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