Is your oil service due?

oil service is an important routine maintenance practice that is performed to prolong the life span of the car’s engine.

Change of engine oil on a 2013 Toyota Highlander

One of the basic, most important, requirements for optimum engine performance and long life is your oil service! You may do everything else right, but get this wrong, it doesn't make a difference.

Many people run their cars on old, burned oil. Others, run theirs on less than required volume of oil in their engines: Highway to disaster!

Here are some signs you need an oil change:

  1. ENGINE OIL SERVICE light illuminates on dashboard
  2. ENGINE MAINTENANCE DUE warning on dashboard
  3. Continuous tapping noise from top of engine
  4. It's been 3 months plus since you last changed your oil (it's time to check)
  5. You've covered over 5,000 km OR 3,125 miles on conventional oil, 5,000 miles on synthetic blends.
  6. You've forgotten when you did the previous service (because it's been sooo long).

To schedule an oil service, visit We come to you, at home or office.

Suspecting any related issues?

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