9 Facts about rear-wheel-drive (RWD)

RWD vehicles possess so many amazing features that will any interest any car enthusiast.

In RWD vehicles, power is transferred to the two back wheels. This means that the rear wheels drive the vehicle, and the front wheels steer the vehicle.

  1. Better handling in dry conditions and balance
  2.  Least maintenance cost of all drivetrains
  3. Better acceleration and quicker take off
  4. Steering the vehicle and towing large loads are easier
  5. Less legroom space due to transmission tunnel and driveshaft
  6. More enjoyable to drive because maneuvering can be smooth and predictable
  7. Added weight at the back helps propel the vehicle forward
  8. Doesn't operate as well on slippery conditions, but with traction control technology this disadvantage is reduced
  9. Can accommodate larger engines, hence higher performance can be achieved.

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